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Get the intelligence you need to fix your funnel, understand the competition, align your team, and drive more sales.

What we do

Most companies have a limited understanding of how and why they lose to their competition. Early stage opportunities go dark, bottom of funnel prospects don’t convert, and you usually chalk it up to bad luck. Unfortunately that’s rarely the case. We combine interviews with current customers, prospects that “went dark,” and churned accounts, with market and competitive research to help you better understand what’s actually going wrong in your sales funnel. Then we work side by side with your team to fix it.

Create competitive battlecards and sell-against guides.

Uncover where and why buyers stall or drop-off across each specific sales stage.

Conduct win-loss interviews to collect insights about what is working and not working throughout the sales process.

Build comprehensive sales enablement materials to accelerate deal closure.

Gather intelligence to retain and up-sell current client base.

Leverage information from clients and prospects to optimize sales stage conversion.

Create well differentiated messaging specific to your target buyers.

Create competitive sales enablement materials.

Increase competitive win-rate.

Reduce “do nothing” and incumbent losses.

Support the creation of competitive campaigns.

Optimize top of funnel lead generation and conversion.

We help you answer tough questions


What are our REAL competitive differentiators?


How do we actually stack up to our competitors?


Why are our opportunities stalling or going dark?


How do specific types of companies & personas make vendor selection? What are buyers’ selection and evaluation criteria?


What competitive sales and marketing assets are needed to help improve competitive win-rates?


What sales enablement materials and training does our sales team need to position and win against our competition?


What should our competitive battlecards contain to help our sales teams position to win?


Are we targeting the right type of company and buyer personas with our sales and marketing efforts?


What improvements do we need to make to our outreach, discovery process, and sales approach?


What sales and marketing assets do we need to influence conversion at each specific sales stage?


Consulting combined with execution

Need help actually doing the work? We’re not just another think tank, we are equal parts consultancy and execution. We do the difficult research, find the insights, and then help you apply them to your business.

Sales pipeline optimization

Understand why your hard-earned leads stall at specific stages in the sales funnel and don’t convert. Find the gaps, identify conversion factors, and improve sales stage velocity.


Give your sales reps the tools they need to be successful. Targeting, personas, battlecards, use cases, and hands on workshops.


Get a bird’s eye view of the competitive landscape and learn where you need to defend and where you can be confident.


Project-based or ongoing campaign support including custom research reports, deal acceleration, top of funnel content creation, and competitive take-out campaigns.


Find out what went right and wrong in the sales process so you can fix the issues and replicate the successes.

Customer experience analysis

Learn the steps you should take to retain more customers and expand revenue within that client or client segment.

Take the first step towards a healthier funnel

Stop wondering what went wrong and what you could have done differently. Get the Intelligence you need to win more deals!